raw chicken meat on brown wooden chopping board

Securing premium broiler quality 

Providing the best quality broilers with a minimum impact on the environment and a maximum positive impact on the local community.

a rooster standing on gravel next to a wooden wheel

Choose Our Country Chicken 

"Savor the rich, authentic taste of our farm-raised country chicken, delivering a deliciously wholesome experience straight from our pastures to your plate."

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Discover our Quail selection

"Chirp Chirp! Small Quail Birds Await Your Tastebuds!" Experience the delicate flavor and versatility of our small quail birds, perfect for gourmet dishes and culinary exploration.


Quality is the cornerstone of our broiler business, ensuring every product meets the highest standards of freshness, taste, and nutritional value.


Our broilers are carefully raised to provide a rich source of essential nutrients, promoting healthier choices for our customers.


Our broilers are seasoned to perfection, tantalizing taste buds with rich and flavorful profiles that leave a lasting impression."